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Rooting Through Sentience ~ A Retreat with Danny

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St. Francis Springs Prayer Center, 477 Grogan Road, Stoneville, North Carolina 27048

Join Danny in a relaxing weekend of self discovery as he shares insights and tools to help you awaken to the reality of your deepest self. Pure feeling—without thought to color it—is the rock-solid bridge between our spiritual and physical lives. When we anchor our minds in body-centered sentience, our bodies heal and our thoughts take on an earthy certainty that makes us more joyfully creative and harmonious.


Enjoying your Voice

Many people actually don’t like their voices; The problem is most likely because they are comparing it to someone else's--for instance, a seasoned pro. Of course, this causes a negative feedback loop which can perpetuate itself indefinitely, frustrating and discouraging the singer, maybe even causing them to give up. The key is to start enjoying the sound of your own natural voice. This class will focus on reawakening the simple joy of singing we had as kids; before someone told us we can’t do it. Once we evoke that enjoyment— ignition, I call it—we can use it to improve our voices in the most fun way (as opposed to feeling bad about it and trying to improve something you’re actually attacking.) If we can get the extraordinary beauty of your spirit to show up as Well-Being, the beauty of your voice will naturally follow. Don’t think you have an extraordinary beauty of spirit? Then this class is for you! This will be very much a hands-on class with lots of gentle supportive critique and guidance. For beginners and Pros.


Finding Stillness in Movement #2

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Everything is moving except you; You are stillness itself.

When, in meditation or contemplation, tranquility comes to the mind and body, it slowly becomes clear that the body and mind are one thing: the Body/Mind. Then something quite marvelous happens which is very difficult to describe. Within the resulting body/mind equilibration we notice a deep stillness or peace which gives a sense of the Witness, the consciousness behind the body/mind. In other words, the movement of mind and body are seen to take place against a formless background of stillness and awareness: You. In the language of ancient sages and scriptures this awareness is said to be the Self, The Absolute, our Buddha Nature or the Supreme Abode. It’s nature is Love, Compassion and Intelligence. You are that!

The Boy at the Gate

Transylvania county library, 212 S. Gaston Street, Brevard, NC

author luncheon

Author's Luncheon

Lake Lure Inn, Lake Lure, NC

Private Event

Danny Ellis in Concert

Streamside Concerts, Asheville, NC

721 STREAMSIDE DR, ARDEN, NC Potluck @ 6, Music @7:30. Donation: $20. via PayPal (send money, NOT purchase) to or mail a check to the above address made out to Sally Sparks.

$20 Age limit: All ages

Danny Ellis interview and performance

First Coast Living, Channel 12, Jacksonville, Florida

Danny Ellis interview and performance

WJXT Channel 4, Jacksonville, Florida

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