All opposites are inherently complimentary 
At the very heart of creation, science and ancient eastern texts agree that there are two primal forces; Contraction and Expansion, Attraction and Repulsion. It's easy to see how these fundamental energies can pull us hither and thither in an endless tug-of-war. We either give in to one aspect of these pulls, for instance, indulgence, or we force ourselves into abstinence. Either choice is eventually going to cause it's opposite and we can oscillate endlessly back and forth in structural conflict. But when we can, even for a moment, stand back from the turmoil of duality into the Unity of our soul, we see that all opposites are inherently complimentary. The tug-of-war becomes a tug-of-love. From this compassion for all apparent conflict we can allow the battling elements of our being to equilibrate themselves in mutual beneficence.  
When I see I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see I am everything, that is love. My life is a movement between these two." Nisargadatta.   
The great Advaita sage, Nisargadatta, in his above quote, captures everything that i mean by Passaggio~The Bridge to Wholeness; the graceful movement between polar opposites. One of the most heartbreakingly beautiful examples of this movement is twilight, where the hard light of day surrenders to the softer glow of evening. The same easy grace of transition is everywhere in nature and when we find it within the movement of our own breath, all disharmonious emotions and actions begin to spontaneously align with this state of grace.