Why Study Voice & Music With Danny?

 I Offer A Unique, Transformational Approach  

Combining Traditional Teaching Methods With

  Self-Discovery, Mindfulness


 Personal Integration Coaching

(Why the Torus below? Because for me it symbolizes the potential integration and wholeness of the free-flowing energy of life itself)



Is there a secret key that some folks use to become “good” singers and musicians?

I believe there is and I can help you find it and use it to satisfactorily express yourself in music 

What is that key? The answer is so simple almost everybody misses it, it is: 

Your LOVE of music.

If you can intelligently immerse yourself in your LOVE of music that love will grow into your SKILL in music.

The problem for most of us is that we leave our love of music behind and descend into frustration and doubt.

I can help you focus mindfully on the natural delight you have while listening to music, and help you maintain that delight as I teach you the practical tools to improve your skill in singing and playing.

Why is this love and joy a key to excellence, not just in music but in every endeavor?

Educational science tells us that efficient learning is state dependent, meaning your mental disposition is the predominant factor in how effective your study and practice will be.

If your default mental state is frustration, impatience and doubt, your progress will be slow and painful.

On the other hand, if you can find your native state of easy-going well being, the path will be smooth and enjoyable, and here's the kicker--your subconscious mind will retain what you have learned in joy!

There is ABSOLUTELY no need for your musical quest to be frustrating and doubtful!

Again, my approach will help you find the joy you naturally possess while listening to music and translate that into the joy of learning to master it! The simple truth is: 

If you can appreciate musical excellence 

You  possess the ability to excel in music!

Read What Danny's Students Are Saying

"There are those rare musicians that are also poets and storytellers, who can bend time and space and language so it penetrates into the deepest places  of the human soul. Danny Ellis is one, and his music has shattered and embraced me with the severe grace."
William Paul Young, NY Times bestselling author of “The Shack.”

Music is an anti-virus, a door-opener!

A nimble shape-shifting angel!

She enters the wound and taking on the form of the hurt,

Moves the immovable by allowing resolution and grace

Melting the hard thoughts and frozen feelings

She opens the door wide enough for all shapes and sizes and whispers, 

"Won’t you let me hold the door open long enough

For you to see it was never closed."


When I first started writing songs I often wondered why so many were addressed to the second person; “YOU”. Over the years the mystery slowly revealed itself to me. It all came home when, about 15 years ago I came across the following quote from Rumi;

What is the heart?
It is not human and it is not imaginary.
I call it you. Rumi 

Ahh! Below is the title poem from my book of poetry, The Garments of Affection, soon to be released, which expresses our need to clothe the Divine in human terms.              

I know in truth You are the Nameless One.        

When I’m not looking and my eyes stop engraving reality

You allow a glimpse of Your Formlessness now and then.

And though, in that glimpse, You and I are One in timeless no-need,

In my day and my doings, and for the sake of the love you placed in my human heart

I clothe you in Mercy and call You my Beloved.  

I carry You with me in these Garments of Affection     

Knowing that tonight in the darkness

When No-one is looking 

You’ll undress for me again

Under the formless Sky of Pure Surrender


From out of the silence I came into this world 

And I implored that silence to join me in a song 

And it did, in music so sweet I grew ears 

In music so light-filled I grew eyes 

In music so calling me I grew legs 

In music so loving my heart burst into being 

But the song had no lyric so I wrote one 

I call that lyric “You”





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