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 Basic Acoustic Guitar
These lessons are for beginners and intermediates. They're usually taken by singers or singer/songwriters who want to improve their basic guitar skills while working with me on their voice or songwriting. You'll get a solid foundation in theory and understanding of the guitar, enough to accompany yourself and work on your songs. 

Many singers play a little guitar but have backed off taking it further mostly because of hidden blind-spots they're never cottoned on to. For the most part these are very simple dysfunctional habits that hide in the background making your playing "feel wrong".  Once recognized and fixed you'll free yourself up to have fun and progress at your own pace. 

 As well as grounding you in posture and comportment, we'll use mind -body techniques to get your playing to feel natural, free and relaxed. Your guitar should feel like a part of your body and that's where we'll start. Then we'll work on your understanding and development of the folllowing musical skills;

1. The chords--Minor & Major. The most common progressions and how to use them in your song.     

2. Finger Picking Patterns and styles

3. Strumming patterns--with pick or with fingers

4. How to develop a rock solid sense of rhythm and stay in the groove (this is half the battle for beginners!)

5. How to sing comfortably and play at the same time and why it goes awry sometimes

Please contact me here if you're interested in guitar lessons for Singer/Songwriters
Singing    Songwriting    Guitar    Piano     Mindfulness/Meditation     Workshops