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What People Are Saying

"If musicality was the only bar by which an album was judged, then Danny Elliss debut would hold its own alongside such otherworldly voices as Brian Kennedy. But 800 Voices is much more. Its a searing testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the depths to which that spirit can sink... A musically healing and lyrically breathtaking debut."

~ The Irish Times

"The sheer musicality of the songs, together with his unique ability as singer and interpreter made a very strong impression on me. I welcome his "800 Voices", a touching autobiography and a visionary outlook."

~ Bill Whelan, Riverdance Composer

"It may just be the most powerful storytelling through music and stories I have ever experienced. ...a riveting oral memoir ...filled with clear images of pain, hope and humor."

~ Connie Reagan Blake - Storyteller

"Subtitled My Life in an Irish Orphanage, this folk opus was inspired by the composer's childhood; from the age of eight to sixteen he spent his time at the notorious Christian Brothers industrial School in Artane. If that sounds like a bleak proposition, be prepared for a surprise: the musicianship and songwriting are both inspirational. It is a moving, uplifting collection that is a joy to listen to from start to finish."

~ The Irish Star

"Danny Ellis' debut album 800 Voices charts his harrowing experiences in The Artane Christian Brothers gulag and is a powerful testament to the healing power of music. '800 Voices' blends elements of delicately-played Irish folk-rock, creating a moving backdrop to Ellis' aching vocals. 'The Bold Christian Brothers' raises both tempo and the anger level on a track driven by rhythm guitar and flute. 'Tommy Bonner' is a chilling tale opening with a snatch of the 'Kyrie Eleison' prayer and is about a fellow inmate/victim. Most Irish singer-songwriters have studiously avoided dealing with clerical abuse. That Ellis survived to put his experiences on the record is a miracle. That he can do it with such grace, and an absence of hate, is an even bigger one."

~ Hot Press

"Earlier this week, I experienced one the most moving performances it has been my pleasure to have on our stage. It is an evening of music, but it is also an evening of moving theatre in which the audiences' emotions are taken on an incredible, cathartic journey. This performance is as much a well-crafted theatre piece as a musical concert. Throughout the evening you can hear the audience laugh - gasp - and be absolutely silent, completely absorbed in the story they are experiencing. At the end of this surprisingly uplifting performance, the audience instantly rose as one - in awe of the performance, the resilience of the human spirit and the realization that is was music that saved Danny's life. They rose to their feet again following the encore and again at a closing story that touched everyone's heart. Following the final bow, the audience lingered in the theatre longer than I have ever seen - not wanting to leave - wanting to stay and talk about what they had just experienced. It was one of those rare magical moments in theatre. This performance deserves to be on everyone's season - believe me, your audiences will thank you."

~ John Ellis, Director Diana Wortham Theatre

"This [album] is amazing. It exceeds any sort of expectations in that it's varied, always musically interesting, melodic, but above all honest and amazingly revealing and unsentimental and unbitter. I played it at home on Saturday the way you do when you have a pile of duty CDs to work through. When it got to the end I played it again start to finish, and then again."

~ Jim Lockhart, Producer, RTE Radio/Television

"Danny Ellis is a man of spirit who gives us much more in his music than just beautiful songs. Danny's CD 800 VOICES is a masterpiece. The songs are beautiful, moving, and healing to the soul. Danny's voice is heartfelt and honest, and all the other instruments on the CD join in a perfectly balanced production. Each song stands on its own, but together they create a current that sweeps us up in the story."

~ David Wilcox, Singer/Songwriter

"It's truly a masterpiece. And I mean that in the ancient sense of the word, when the masterpiece was the work an artisan or artist did to demonstrate his mastery of his craft. Every song is a gem every emotion clear, 3-dimensional, and so truly expressed by the music and lyrics, so beautifully woven together. Not a false note, musically or emotionally, all the way through. The lyrics alone are worth the price of admission completely personal and at the same time universal; such a gifted storyteller. And his voice tugs at my heart in every song; some are almost unbearably poignant."

~ Erika Andersen, Proteus International