There is a bridge between time and Eternity; and this bridge is Atman, the Spirit of man. 
Changogya Upanishad
As the above quote suggests, the bridge between finite and infinite is the human soul, or as eastern mystics call it, the Self or Witness. Any bridge has its span across two opposite sides. But the essence of who we are at our core is connected to everything. This is no ordinary bridge. It is the fabric of our Source and it's nature  is compassion, the loving, intelligent recognition of commonality.
Much of our human suffering comes from identifying with our thoughts and the mistaken notion that we can find stability within our ideas or dealings. Certainty or happiness cannot come from reordering the confusing multiplicity of choices that assail us every second. It springs from the absolute stillness of the Witness within. It is only from this perspective, the reality of our connectedness to all things, that all the battling poles of our conflicting relationships, conundrums and emotions can come into harmony and equilibrium. This is Personal Integration; a major goal of spirituality.

Won’t you build a bridge for me from Here to There
Make the crossbeams out of compassion for both sides
Span the arches with love and understanding
And when it’s built and it stands tall and strong  
Silhouetted in The Twilight between Worlds
Help me to cross without leaving Here or going There